Advisory Board

St. Stephen’s Preschool is governed by a Board that is responsible for the ongoing continuation of the program, overseeing its philosophy, its financial stability and its management. 

St. Stephen’s Preschool Board, 2015-2016

  • Bill Armstrong, Treasurer
  • Melanie Bean, Vice President
  • Marion Chenault, Director, St. Stephen’s Preschool
  • Steve Haas
  • Matt Horn
  • Reggie Jones
  • The Reverend Gary Jones, Rector, St. Stephen’s Church
  • Burke Lewis, President
  • Eric McKay
  • Rebekah McKay, President, Parents’ Council
  • Stedman Oakey
  • Leigh Pace, Secretary
  • Taylor Raquet
  • Mary Sulerud, Associate Rector, St. Stephen’s Church
  • John Szalay
  • Susan Taliaferro
  • Jane Page Watson, Community Representative