Helping children learn to make choices based on the clues in their environment; giving them opportunities to feel competent by doing things for themselves; and offering materials in an organized fashion so children can progress at their own developmental rate and be successful in their endeavors are the goals of our classrooms.
Children are placed in classrooms according to their age because we believe they are most comfortable and most successful when surrounded by their peers. There are two teachers in each classroom, a lead teacher and an assistant.

Child's Age (by September 1) Program Days Attended Hours Teacher: Child Ratio
12 -- 18 months TMO 1 Day Wednesday 9:00-11:45 1:4
18 -- 22 months TMO 2 Day Monday, Tuesday 9:00-11:45 1:4
22 -- 26 months TMO 2 Day Thursday, Friday 9:00-11:45 1:4
26 months -- 2.5 years Toddler 2 Day Monday, Tuesday 9:00-11:45 1:5
2.5 -- 3 years Toddler 3 Day Wed, Thurs, Fri 9:00-11:45 1:6
3 -- 3.5 years 4 Day Program Monday-Thursday 9:00-12:00 1:7
3.5 -- 5 years 5 Day Program Monday-Friday 9:00-12:00 1:8
4.5 -- 5.5 years 5 Day Extended Program Monday-Friday 12:00- 02:00 1:8

Toddler Morning Out (TMO) Program - The Orange Room

The Toddler’s Morning Out (TMO) provides an opportunity for young children to begin socializing with others their age and to enjoy play, stories, music and art in a nurturing environment separate from their parents.  Language development, appropriate play and a positive school experience are encouraged. 


Toddler Program - The Purple Room

The Toddler Program provides the building blocks for the development of social, motor, verbal and listening skills. The main goals for both classes are successful separation from parent, development of beginning social interactions, moving from parallel play to group play, language acquisition, and using verbal skills rather than physical means in dealing with situations. 


4 Day Program - The Red Room

Learning to listen, to express ideas, to work with others, to “choose work” from a variety of carefully structured options, and to direct their learning are some of the goals for the children in our four day classroom.  The children have teacher directed circle time as well as choice times in a self contained classroom. 


5 Day Program - The Aqua, Blue, Green, and Yellow Rooms

The children in our five day program are assigned to one of three rooms, the Blue, Green or Yellow room. It is there that they begin and end their day with circle time. When opening circle time is over, the children may choose work in any one of the three classrooms, each of which has a special emphasis.  

The activities in the Blue Room focus on practical life and dramatic play, which are important for interpreting their world, for working together and for developing skills and muscles.  The Green Room activities focus on art and manipulatives, fostering the creative minds of the children. In the Yellow Room, there are multiple cognitive choices, such as number and letter games, a science area, a building block area, and a computer center.  

The teachers in the three classrooms plan together and coordinate concepts. For example, during the same week, children may be introduced to Georgia O’Keefe’s flowers in the Green Room’s art area and the life cycle of flowering plants in the Yellow Room’s science area. 

Because the children in the 5 Day program are free to “choose work” in any of the three classrooms, suitable materials are made available for every age child within each room.  Activities are designed to be multi-level.  Through experimentation, children choose materials that are meaningful to them.

5 Day Program - Extended Classroom 

Our extended stay class is offered to those children who are an older 4 and our 5 year olds at the beginning of the school year.  It is intended for the child who will be heading to Kindergarten the following year.  

This class offers a more in depth exploration of math, science and reading presented in an interesting hands on way, more time with friends and a longer school day.  These children building their endurance so Kindergarten is not such an exhausting experience, all while extending their learning in a developmentally appropriate setting.

In a class led by a 5 Day teacher and assistant, the children in this extended program will stay until two o’clock five days a week.  The class is a unit from twelve to two in which children eat lunch together, have learning extension activities three days a week that are teacher planned, and Enrichment classes twice weekly.  Our Enrichment classes are taught by staff from the preschool as well as teachers we bring in from the community.  Examples  from past Enrichment offerings include: Yoga, Soccer with Soccer Shots, Christmas Workshop, andTiny Tales with Virginia Repertory Theater.