I wanted to write you to thank you for our time at St. Stephens Preschool.  Our children have loved every minute of their three years here.  Their teachers have been outstanding and they have adored them.  All of us have made dear friends through school: friends that I cherish and friends they’ve been with since before they could talk!

Because of the preschool you’ve developed, we feel like our children are ready for their next step academically and socially.  You have taught them independence, the pride in freedom of choice, kindness, and confidence.  And you’ve taught me to teach them in that way, as well.

We will miss you all terribly, I know, but you’ve given them such a solid foundation - for school but also in life.  

Thank you for all that you and the preschool have done for our family.”
— Taylor
When we received our re-enrollment contract this year, I paused and reflected on the wonderful experiences my children had at St. Stephen’s Preschool, and I cannot believe that chapter has passed. We are so appreciative of all of the thoughtful and caring guidance for our children – we consider ourselves truly fortunate to have had such an experience. How has the time passed so quickly? It seems like yesterday we were having a tour. I know we have several months left this year, but I wanted to say thank you as we prepare to ‘graduate’ our last baby.”

— Anna
The closing of our family’s chapter at SSP is bittersweet. Bitter to leave behind a place that we’ve come to love – but sweet for the fun, nurturing, learning, fostering of independence and friendships that have been gained while here. Our time here has been a gift that will grow with our girls, and remain in our hearts. Thank you for the work that you do. So many children and families have benefited from it, and we are blessed to be among them.”
— Joy & Reggie
I am so grateful that all of my children have been and will be able to experience what a real teacher and friend looks and feels like. To this day, my preschool teacher remains the most influential person throughout my many years of school. You are not just teaching ABCs, but are showing them how to be a whole person. They will carry these lessons with them always. You have been and continue to be a blessing to all of us. Thank you!”
— Burns