Early Morning is off to a Great Start!

It’s been great to have so many of the children coming to school early.  Christine and Martha Lynn have enjoyed getting to know the children from all the classrooms.  At the beginning of school the weather was perfect for meeting on the playground.  Now that fall is upon us, it’s time to plan to meet inside.

Last week, early morning drop off began to meet in the new Red room classroom, just east of the kitchen.  Please plan to go there daily.  Weather permitting, that group will spend some time outdoors, but it seemed to everyone involved, that meeting in a consistent place would make drop off easier for the children and the parents.  If the group should progress somewhere else that morning, there will be directions on the door.

Early Morning drop off is available to all children Toddler (Purple Room) age and above.  It’s always a good idea to give Sara a call if you want to come, but occasionally you may find out at the last minute that you need that time.  Your child is welcome.  Bring a check for $8 the morning you come, with the date of the Early Morning written in the memo.  See you there!