5 Day Update - Apples, Apples, Everywhere!!!

Sheep and cows and ponies oh my!!

That was their reaction when the children saw the farm animals last week when the Teeny Tiny Farm visited. It was a great way to introduce the farm, apples and pumpkins that will be our focus over the next couple of weeks.

Each classroom has been counting, sorting, and graphing apples, and the children have been playing the 10 Apples on Top game in the yellow room. 


In the green room they are making 10 apples on top hats

and  driving tractors and stamping apples on paper to create tablecloths for our upcoming Thanksgiving feast.

In the blue room, the children are busy playing in the barn and selling apples and pumpkins.

We have also been peeling and cutting apples for the applesauce that we’ll enjoy at our feast. Our children have become scientists as they made predictions about what would happen to cut apples that were placed in various liquids. (water, vinegar, lemon juice).

To incorporate music, math and poetry into their day, the children are learning the following poem:

“Way up high in the apple tree 5 little apples smiled down at me,
I shook that tree as hard as I could,
Down came the apples,
Hmm, they were good.” (then we count backwards until we reach zero)

In the coming weeks we will be exploring the life cycle of the pumpkin. Did you know that we grew the pumpkin plant that is in our garden from the seeds from last year’s pumpkin?

We’ll have an exciting time next week when Jill Wright and her husband, Bob, visit to help us carve each classroom’s pumpkin.  And for extra hand eye work, the children will pound golf tees into a pumpkin. Always a hit!

Important dates to remember:

Oct. 30 Orange Day-Please wear something orange but no costumes.

Nov. 12 Conference day – Baby sitting will be available.

                                                                                                                Your Five Day Teachers