Purple Room Update! Apples and Animals!

The children have grown accustomed to their school routines and are growing and changing at an astounding rate.  Amy and I can see enormous changes each week!

 We have been exploring apples in a variety of ways.  We made imaginary apple pies in the kitchen and we made real applesauce in each class and enjoyed it for snack the next day.  The children who were interested helped chop the apples. 

In the art corner we have made apples using tissue paper and we painted apples for our giant tree in the hallway.

The children used their pincer grip to grasp and place “apples” (pompoms).   This helps build the muscles they will eventually use to hold a pencil.

The Teeny Tiny Farm came to visit and our students loved seeing and petting all of the animals.

The visit coincided with our exploration of farms.  The children enjoy playing with barns, putting little farm figures into play dough, imagining a field of crops, a meadow and a pond.

We made sheep using white paint and attaching heads and legs.

The children always enjoy play dough, puzzles, blocks, sorting and most of all our outdoor time.

As we move into November, we will focus on what we are thankful for and continue to notice the beautiful changes around us.

 Your children bring us joy each day.

 Sarah & Amy

 P.S. With the chilly weather now upon us, please be sure to send your child with jacket, coat or sweater appropriate for the day.