5 Day Update


The children have been busy exploring all the options the 5-Dayers have during choice time.   It’s so freeing to be able to make one’s own decisions. We have been focusing especially right now on friends, family and ourselves and getting comfortable at school. 

In next couple of weeks, the focus will shift to talking about fall, apples and the farm. Part of the dramatic play area in the Blue Room will soon be transformed into an apple orchard and farm.  The Teeny Tiny Farm will visit St. Stephen’s on October 14th! Your children will then be able to see and touch real farm animals.    

During our review of colors, one book the children really enjoyed was Little Blue, Little Yellow by Leo Lionni.  In it a blue friend and yellow friend hug and make green.  The children had the opportunity to experiment with mixing colors using finger paint in the Green Room. 


In the Yellow room science area they were able to explore science and color mixing by using a pipette and two jars of colored water to dissolve a sugar cube and make a new color in the process. 

The children also had opportunities in small group, then in the Green Room, to rip paper like Leo Lionno did to create his illustrations in Little Blue, Little Yellow.


Ripping, cutting and snipping have been quite the hit in the Blue room sensory table.  We will be working all year on proper scissor position.  Encourage your child to hold the scissors with their thumbs up to the sky. 

 This week, the students looked at several paintings by Piet Mondrian and made observations about the color, shape and lines he used in his work.  They will have the opportunity to make a painting in Mondrian style in Green this week. Look for these masterpieces to be hanging in the hall soon! 

 Students love the Mo Willems books we have been reading! This week we will look at his use of speech bubbles.  At the author table, in Yellow, students can make their own speech bubbles and dictate, stamp words or write their own. 


Over the next month, we will begin preparing food for our Thanksgiving feast.  In Blue the children can peel carrots.  Soon we will peel and cut up apples for applesauce.  In addition to the great small muscle control that cutting and peeling requires, the children love to help cook! Do you let your child help in the kitchen?

We are off to a great start! Thanks for all your help!


The 5-Day Teachers