Red Room One Update

I can’t believe September has come to a close! Red Room 1 has been busy learning the classroom routine and schedule. It could be that everyone’s favorite time of day is out on the playground, but daily the children are exploring and enjoying more and more of the classroom centers.

We have been trying to learn all our new friend’s names and recognizing our own name in print. A few stories we have read are: Listening, The Kissing Hand and The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear( after which we used some large props to reenact the story). Guessing what is in the Surprise Box each morning is a big hit, too!


This week, we have met all of our resource teachers. Dawn Childs is our music teacher and the children loved playing instruments and singing songs.  Preston Blackburn is our movement teacher, and Martha Lynn Corner leads Little Shepherds. The children have been quite attentive and are enjoying all these classes.

This week one of the children’s choices was putting apple pom poms on a tree with tongs.  Another was using our squeezing tongs to “bob” for baby apples in a water tub.  Squeezing with tongs is just one of the many ways we are exercising those fine muscles necessary for holding a pencil later on.

In circle we made some delicious applesauce. Ask your child what the ingredients were.  Our group seems to love to cook. Hope you got a bite of our friendship cake we sent home a couple of weeks ago, too.

Have you been hearing some of our finger plays, such as “ Hey Diddle Diddle” and “Way up in the Apple Tree”? Our next one will be” Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate”.  If you are interested, I’d be glad to share the words with you.

October will bring fall leaves, Fire Prevention Week and so many activities about firemen, engines and houses.  It will be Halloween with all its fun before we know it. Be on the lookout for a date to walk to the Fire Station and a reminder of who signed up to help with the Halloween party.

Thanks for sharing your children with us, our Red Room Gifts!

Debbie Temple