In Case you Missed Last Year's Parent Enrichment on "Healthy Eaters in an Unhealthy World"

Dr. Melanie Bean, mom of Sydney Burke (Red Room) and Nora  Burke (SSP grad!), and SSP Board member, is giving a talk for Commonwealth Parenting next week.  Melanie spoke last winter at our Parent Enrichment offering, and those who attended LOVED the topic and her tips and tricks for healthy eating and habits! Don't miss out - check this out!

RVA Parents Forum Series Schedule

Raising Healthy Eaters in an Unhealthy World
October 15, 2015 – CMoR Central – 6:30-8pm

Today, nearly one-in-three children are overweight or obese, facing a future with possible chronic obesity-related health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma. Parents and caregivers play a key role in not only making healthy choices for their children but also in teaching them how to make healthy choices for themselves.The increasing presence of high sugar and highly processed foods in today’s world presents numerous challenges in communicating to children the value of healthy eating habits and in cultivating those behaviors.Join Commonwealth Parenting on Thursday, October 15th as Dr. Melanie Bean, an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Psychology at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at Virginia Commonwealth University, discusses normative eating behaviors in preschool and elementary school aged children and highlights strategies parents can use to promote healthy eating behaviors, which can successfully reduce the power struggles surrounding food and enhance the benefit of healthy choices.

The $30 ticket cost includes dinner, parenting experts, interactive Q&A sessions and babysitting; reservations are required.  Please call 804-545-1272