Fall is in the Air in TMO Th/F Class!!

Fall is in the air in the TMO Thursday/Friday classroom.  We have been busy in the art center painting colorful leaves on trees using different textured paintbrushes, we marble rolled leaves with paint and we used the dot dot markers on pumpkins.  We also painted big pumpkins on the easel. 

The children also have painted colorful feathers on their thanksgiving turkeys. They are now hanging up in our classroom with our other fall artwork. 

The children had fun pouring and scooping black beans and orange sand into different sized pumpkins in our sensory bin.  We introduced opposites such as more/less, empty/full, big/little as they were exploring with the sensory bin.  The children also were interested inexploring the inside of a pumpkin.

We have had some beautiful fall mornings for our outside time which the children really enjoy.  We have been talking about all the changes that happen in nature during the season of fall.  They have enjoyed raking up lots of leaves while outside and filling dump trucks with leaves too. 

During circle time we have been reading books such as When The Leaf Blew In and Now It’s Fall.  The children enjoy circle time and look forward to what book will be read.  We also have been singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "The Wheels On The Bus". 

The ball house has been a huge hit with all the children.  What a fun way to reinforce colors!

I enjoyed meeting with you during conferences.  Alissa thanks you for the delicious dinner.  It was greatly appreciated. 

Please note that we will be meeting on Tuesday, November 24 because of the Thanksgiving holiday.  We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Your children are certainly blessings to be thankful for.

 Christine and Alissa