Guest Artist Series Begins!

Each year the St. Stephen’s Preschool invites guests who will come to the classrooms or set up shop in the hallway to share their talents with the children. 

The preschool was pleased to welcome Bob and Jill Wright as our first Guest Artists of the 2015-2016 school year.  On the Friday before Halloween they carved pumpkins, using jig saws and knives, for each of the five day classes.  They were wonderful about asking the children to give suggestions about the expressions – happy, sad, angry – that each pumpkin should have and explaining the tools they were using to get the job done.  

On Monday of this week, Ellie Gatty, Freddy’s eight year old sister who is a third grade student at St. Catherine’s School, performed on both her cello and keyboard throughout the morning in our hallway.  Children (and adults) of all ages enjoyed her wonderful music, talent and enthusiastic performance! Freddy’s mother, Amma, served as assistant, explainer and inviter, welcoming the children to try their hand at the keyboard.  She even snuck in a song and accompaniment or two herself.  Clearly the Gattys are a musical family, and given the tools and support, even the young can shine.

We are looking forward to having Richmond Ballet’s choreographer and instructor supreme, Tara Edmondson, leading our students through the story, music and dance of The Nutcracker in December.  If you have a copy, pull it out and use it for your night time reading before she comes.

Having parents, past parents and friends share their talents in such a comfortable way with our children enlarges the children’s horizons.  Let us know if you would like to participate.