TMO Wednesday

The TMO Wednesday children are becoming more and more comfortable at school!  We are still trying to make transitions smooth as this seems to be when some become upset.  Many have been interested in exploring the art center.  They used dot dot markers to make colorful feathers on their turkeys and on their pumpkins.  They really enjoy using these types of markers. 

The Halloween sensory bin was fun for them as they were able to scoop and pour black beans and orange sand into different sized pumpkins and other containers.  We introduced opposites such as big/little, full/empty, more/less.  What a great  way to use those small muscles. 

We introduced the ball house to our gross motor area.  Some have been willing to jump in there while others like sitting outside of it and play with the balls. What a fun way to introduce colors!

The weather has been very nice for our outside time.  All the children love going outside for some fresh air.  The sea saw is a favorite activity and they love when we sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".

We have been talking about the signs of fall outside and we also had leaves falling inside which the children enjoyed using rakes to rake up the leaves. 

Music time with Dawn is a favorite part of our morning.  All the children become so engaged when she comes in and they enjoy hearing the songs and using shakers to dance to the music.

 The children are now sitting all together for snack and are becoming used to the routine of emptying their plates when they are finished.  It’s amazing how quickly they learn.

I enjoyed meeting with you at conference time to discuss your child’s progress. Thank you all so much for the delicious dinner.  It was so appreciated. 

Reminder:  We will not be meeting on Wednesday, November 25 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  We will look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday, Dec. 2.  We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Your children are truly blessings to be thankful for.

 Christine and Alissa