Red Room Two Update - Fall and Thanksgiving

The weather is getting cooler, and fall and harvest time are here. The leaves are turning and falling quickly making it fun to rake leaves, jump into leaf piles, put them into buckets, and play with them in our hands. While playing outside we have fun watching the leaves twirl and dance!

Corn is growing in the farmers’ fields just in time for Thanksgiving. In the classroom, the children are pretending to be scarecrows and black crows. They enjoy singing the song about two crows, Jack and Jill, as well as the song about the raggedy old scare crow that scares the black crows away. The children have been using their fine motor skills to decorate colored construction paper shaped like corn using real corn kernels. It’s fun to decorate scarecrows making each one different and unique.

Stamping leaves with fall colors and making creations using natural materials reminds the children of Fall.

Touching the inside of a pumpkin, finding fall items hidden among beans and popcorn kernels, and basting turkeys in the sensory box allow the students to use their different senses.


Little Shepherds reminds us of God’s beautiful season, Fall. Movement and Music continue to be highlights of the week.

We are preparing for our Thanksgiving feast, coming up next Tuesday, November 24th, right before the service at 11.  The children are painting beautiful festive table clothes with colorful feathers.  Turkeys are at the easel, It’s wonderful to hear them  singing our “Many Things That We Are Thankful For” as they go about their work. Discussion about what we are thankful for fills the Red Room. 

Thank you as always for sharing your children with us. Michelle and I are so grateful for each one of them. Have a happy Thanksgiving and we will see you on Tuesday, December 1st.


Blanche and Michelle