Run, Run, As Fast as You Can, You Can't Catch the 5 Day Classes!!!

Christmas season is upon us and all of the five day children have been very busy and excited to be doing the activities available in each of their classrooms. Each room has been preparing for our Christmas parties and are quickly learning songs, poems and parts for the plays in the green and yellow rooms.

We have also had a lot of fun reading about and doing many activities involving the story of The Gingerbread Man. The children have so enjoyed reading the different variations of the story. In each one of the stories, the gingerbread man, or boy or girl uses a fox to cross the river so he/she won’t getwet.

For a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) project we challenged the children to build a boat out of foil, popsicle sticks and rubber bands to help the gingerbread get across the river, After building their design they could test it out by seeing if their cookie stayed dry on their creation. This activity involved a lot of problem solving, creativity, and trial and error. Many young engineers were able to help the cookie safely reach the shore.

We used our skills of prediction to decide what might happen to the gingerbread boy if he did get wet. The children thought of many interesting responses:  he might melt, the icing will come off, he will get soggy, and he might fall apart. 

We used our math skills to graph which part of the gingerbread boy we would eat first - the head, the arm, or the leg. Each child cut the part off a construction gingerbread man that he/she would eat first.  Each child in the class then pasted his/her  figure on the graph.  It wasn’t long before we were able to see which part of the gingerbread man would be eaten first.

Of course, we can’t forget the fun we had making gingerbread cookies with our volunteers. Thanks Miss Robin and Mr. Fred! 

On Friday, when it was time to eat, all the gingerbread boys had disappeared!   The children had to put on their detective hats to solve the mystery of the missing boys. Using clues and teamwork, they were finally able to find all the cookies and enjoyed eating them.

In addition to the gingerbread activities, we have also been busy decorating the tree,

making flip books,

and using our senses at the sensory table that is filled with flour, cinnamonand nutmeg.

There have also been some busy elves in the green room preparing gifts for Christmas morning, but you all will have to wait until Christmas for those surprises!

We have had so much fun the last couple of weeks and can’t believe that the first semester in over.  All the five day teachers would like to wish each for you a wonderful, blessed holiday. We hope that you experience the joy of the season and find peace, love and fun within your families. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Christmas parties and again on January fifth.

                                                          Merry Christmas,

                                                          Your Five Day Teachers

Important Reminders:

Friday Dec. 18 Christmas Party in each room starting at 11:15

Tues. Jan. 5 School resumes