The Toddler Room Has Been Giving Thanks!

Dear Parents - Apologies for the late delivery of this blog!  We have been having technical issues.  Thanks for your patience - Sara  

We have enjoyed the beautiful fall days, talking about leaves and pumpkins and observing the changes all around us.  We painted leaves, rubbed leaves with crayons, preserved them in glycerin and have looked at them closely on the light table.

We have talked about feelings, including thankfulness.  We sing 5 Fat Turkeys and There Are Many Things I am Thankful For both in Music and each day at our circle.  In preparation for Thanksgiving, we have started eating all together at one long table.


The children are using their fine motor skills to place magnetic dots on turkey feathers and to pinch clothes pin “feathers” on a turkey.  They have really enjoyed our fall sensory bin as well.

When we are outdoors, we encourage the children to run, jump, bounce, kick, swing, and slide, taking advantage of the opportunity to strengthen their gross motor abilities.  Gathering on the equipment to watch the construction is always entertaining too!

We are so thankful for your children.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Sarah & Amy