Red Room ONE - Thanksgiving Update

Dear Parents - Apologies for the late delivery of this blog! We have been having technical problems. Thank you for your patience - Sara

We began our unit on Fall with a nature walk. Each child explored and gathered leaves, acorns, and tree bark and arranged them on their acorn art. We painted a large mural with clusters of leaves and made puffy paint leaves to heighten our senses. To sharpen our fine motor skills, we have been beading with pipe cleaners and colored straws to make bracelets and Indian necklaces. Hope you have heard us singing “Five Fat Turkeys”, One little, two little, three Little Indians and “There’s a Turkey on my Nose”.

     A canoe appeared in Red Room 1, and we have been paddling and fishing for magnetic fish! Ask us the Indians mode of transportation and how they communicate with their drums! We continue to use our fine motor skills to “baste” turkeys in our water table and count turkey feathers to add to our turkey bodies on our bulletin board. Looking forward to our Thanksgiving Feast and Prayer Service on Tues, Nov. 24th! We have so many things to be thankful for…

     Can Christmas really be just around the corner? Be on the lookout for a Baby Jesus Finger Play and lots of work from Santa’s workshop!


 Debbie and Mary Beth