Thanksgiving in the 5 Day

Dear Parents - Apologies for the late posting of this blog, we had some technical difficulties.  Thank you for your patience! Sara

November was a busy, busy month for our 5 day classes! We celebrated the fall season by creating our own fall leaves to decorate our trees at SSP.

In the yellow room the children were using their math skills to decorate a fall tree with fall colored paperclip leaves


All the children were invited to strengthen their fine motor skills by peeling their own clementine.  The children added a piece of celery to change the Clementine into a pumpkin! The best part was eating it!!


In the green room the children loved painting with feathers! The texture on the paper and the feel of the “brush” are so different using feathers.


We started getting ready for our Thanksgiving feast by dying and stringing necklaces. The children are so proud of their creations!


The children loved making their own cookies for the Thanksgiving feast.

Our Thanksgiving feast centerpieces were wonderful pinecone turkeys.  It takes strong fingers to be sure the pipe cleaners stick in the pinecones.

The green, blue and yellow rooms all had wonderful Thanksgiving feast and Thanksgiving service. We have so much to be thankful for – children who love to learn, helpful parents and a school where we learn by play!


Your Five Day Teachers