Purple Room Winter Update

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for all of your thoughtful words and deeds since my father’s death.  The flowers you sent were gorgeous and brightened my day immeasurably.  The meals are still coming in and have been a tremendous help.


I am overdue for a Purple Room update! 

We had a busy holiday season in both classes. We especially had fun creating Christmas crafts and your Christmas gifts.  Taking off shoes and socks or tights, painting the soles of their feet, stamping their feet, then washing off the paint in a bucket of warm soapy water was quite a task, but the results were worth it!  I’m sure some of you noticed a hint of green in the tub those nights.

The manger was one of the highlights for many of the children and we discussed the story of the birth of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas over and over.   

Our fine motor activities were geared to holiday themes.  Velcro ornaments were placed on a tree; parts of a snowman were put together with eyes, nose a hat and scarf; pinecones were decorated with pompoms; red and green beads were strung onto pipe cleaners; and our own little Christmas tree was trimmed and untrimmed many times a day.

We came back after the holidays dressed for the cold and ready to plunge into winter.  Thanks for remembering hats and mittens as we try to get outdoors even on the coldest days.

We have observed and explored ice and talked about how it feels – is it hot or cold?  We hammered it and poured salt on it and watched to see what happened. 

We have read numerous books about snow: Puppies in the Snow, Snowmen at Night, Snowmen at Christmas, Snowmen All Year, Let it Snow, The Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow, to name a few.  We have snowflakes decorating the room, and we have talked about hibernation.

We had a Construction Zone set up for several weeks and the noise level of the tools was impressive.  Lots of hammering, sawing and drilling occurred. 

This week we moved the kitchen back into the room and it has been quite an attraction.  Once again, the children are hosting picnics and serving all three meals.  There is still plenty of enthusiasm for using blocks, building towers and roadways, ramps for animals and more.

We are now exploring the concept of Opposites, starting with big and little.  We are reading books about opposites, so be sure to ask your child questions such as, “What is the opposite of hot?  If it’s not hot, it’s…? If something isn’t tall, it’s...?  If it’s not light, it’s...?”  Give them time to figure it out.  It’s automatic for us, but they are still processing it.   Have fun pointing out opposites.  Big and Little things are everywhere!


As always, it is a joy and a pleasure to teach your children.


Sarah & Jody