It's All Snow and Hearts in TMO Th/F Class!!

Our “snow dances” worked!!   Since we returned from our Christmas break, the Orange Room has been very busy talking about everything related to cold weather (snowflakes, snowmen, winter weather and winter clothes).  Their watercolor snowflakes “came to life” and the marble painted mittens and hats in our room have “snow” on them.  We can now dress our “weather bear” with the appropriate clothes for winter and understand why he needs them. 

Weather Bear.jpg

 In addition to the winter weather theme, we have been talking about feelings and friends (in honor of Valentine’s Day).   We have noticed your children wanting to play with each other more and more.  The concept of friends is showing up daily – if someone is late or not there they are very conscious of it and want to know where they are.   They are becoming more empathetic – if someone is upset or hurt, they all are concerned. 

The kitchen area is a favorite and the children love cooking or preparing a picnic for everyone.  Sharing and taking turns has become more the norm than it was at the beginning of the year.  We have had fun imitating the feelings illustrated in The Feeling Book  by Todd Parr.   Duck and Goose – How Are You Feeling by Tad Hills and I Love You Through and Through by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak are two that they have also enjoyed having read during Circle Time.

Since it was tooooo cold to go outside, we brought the snow inside!!  We had a great time putting on mittens and making snowballs and snowmen.  The snow was delicious!

Snow in TMO.jpg

The Valentine necklaces/bracelets were a great fine motor activity.  The children were very proud of their creations.

Sorting floating bears by color or size was a great hand/eye coordination activity that the children liked. Using the pinching tongs is such fun and such a good small muscle builder.

We hope to soon be able to return to the outside playground, so please continue to send hats and mittens for your children.  In the meantime, we will be doing “spring dances” and wish for warmer days. 


Nancy and Christine