5 Day Update

We have had several BUSY weeks!!!  Wow, where does the time go????  February has been such a fast month!!!  The groundhog was certainly correct about his prediction that we have 6 more weeks of winter!!!  We saw our shadows too but we decided to play outside anyway!!

We have played with pretend snow and real snow in the past few weeks. That real snow is really cold! 

Snow 3.jpg

There have been magnets available for the students to explore their environment.  They have learned the scientific words attract and repel.  They have also enjoyed building with the magnets.

The children really enjoyed Red Day and all of the Valentine’s Day activities earlier this month.

 We had a special guest, Mrs. Brockman, come and teach how to knit.

In our classrooms, we have been working on letters, numbers and patterns.  We have also painted with bubbles and made many different structures with wood, blocks, marshmallows and other materials.  What a perfect way to start studying about The Three Little Pigs!!!

This week we are having fun celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday and are looking forward to Wacky Wednesday tomorrow!!! Thank you for being flexible with our Conference and Enrichment schedules - the weather sure has been a challenge this winter! Fingers crossed that spring is around the corner! Have a wonderful spring break, we will see you on the 16th.


The 5 Day Teachers