Red Room Update March 20th, 2015

Themes: Dr. Seuss Birthday/ Colors/St. Patrick’s Day/ Easter

The Red Room had a wonderful time celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday before spring break. We read The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, One Fish, Two, Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and many other Dr. Seuss favorites. 

We followed up with activities in the room. Using red and white unifex cubes, the children made Cat in the Hat towers, emphasizing patterning.  They also painted hats, alternating red and white stripes.  Sorting colored gold fish, counting goldfish and putting them into fish bowls labeled with numbers 1-6, and making individual fish bowls with colored fish helped the children reinforce color identification, counting, and sorting. The children discovered  that green eggs can be delicious when you paint with green yogurt! Special snacks included blue jello with gummy fish and green pudding with vanilla wafers. 
In the sensory table were rice, a cupcake tin, cupcake liners, and candles. The children used their imaginations and fine motor skills to build cupcakes. The happy birthday song in honor of Sr. Seuss filled our classroom for days!

fish bowl painting.JPG

St. Patrick’s Day was filled with surprises!  A leprechaun came to our classroom on Tuesday and turned our snack water green! He also made a mess while we were outside, turning over chairs and leaving the room in disarray.  We did have special green apples for snack, which was nice. In circle we played a shamrock game.  The children drew a shamrock out of a magic pot and had to act out an action that worked on gross motor skills. The day also included the book Looking for a Leprechaun.  

Capitalizing on the concept of a Green Day, the children have finger painted with blue and yellow paint. Our shamrocks “magically” turned green when we mixed the two colors! Using finger paint  always feels good and it’s great for creativity and for small muscles. 

The Red Room is now having fun mixing the three primary colors- red, blue, and yellow- and learning what other colors they can make. They are mixing these three colors and painting with their new colors, making each painting unique. 

To further their understanding of color blends, the children are rolling a golf ball in an aluminum pan on paper using the three colors. Who ever thought you could paint with golf balls! What great colors appeared, leaving a neat bumping texture on the paper? The books, Mouse Paint, White Rabbit’s Color Book and My Many Colored Days, are further extending the children’s exploration of how colors are made.

One of the activities the children have enjoyed is moving colored pom poms using a clothes pins to a muffin pan with colored hole - another great way to strengthen their finger muscles.  Yet another fine motor activity is manipulating colored pipe cleaners through the holes of a colander. The children bend and twist them after pushing them through the holes to make different three dimensional creations within the colander. The light bright has also been a new addition to the room forcing the children to pick up tiny pieces and put them into the small holes.

Did you know that colors have also been erupting through baking soda in our room?! Dotting different food coloring with baking soda, then squeezing eye droppers filled with vinegar onto the baking soda  has caused bubbles and colors to appear! This is yet another activity that allows the children to work on fine motor strength.

Our Easter Egg hunt will be at Slaton Payne’s house  Wednesday, April 1st. Please be on the lookout for the permission form.  We need it returned by Thursday, March 26th.  All parents are invited to attend!

Gentle Reminder: SSP will be closed from Friday, April 3rd- Tuesday, April 7th.  Classes resume on Wednesday, April 8th.
Fondly ~ Blanche and Debbie