TMO M/Tues Update March 2015

It's been a wild winter! We hope everyone had a restful Spring Break.  As we return to school it finally feels like Spring is almost here.  Now that the snow and snow days are behind, we are excited to get back outside and breathe in the fresh air.


The children like to board the train and take a trip. This time they are going to the beach. As they board, we talk about what we need for the trip. Some of the items we have included are beach balls, sunscreen, snacks, hats, and towels. It's fun to hear the things they think up.

We are happy to have music added to our schedule in addition to our circle time. Paula Romanaux brings us music on Monday from 10:55 - 11:10.  The children are curious and interested to learn new songs and sing familiar ones. "Twinkle, Twinkle", and "If You're Happy and You Know It" are two we have been singing.

We continue with our movement class with Preston on Tuesdays, also from 10:55 -11:10.  The children have danced with scarves, and are having fun doing animal yoga. They are walking  like a crabs, becoming turtles or snakes, and having fun using their bodies and imaginations to become the animals. This week, they played with balloons, tossing and kicking them. They went under limbo stick, and practiced tossing bean bags at shapes on the wall. The children have not only  had fun in movement, bur are also improving their listening skills and ability to follow instruction.

 Some of the children have shown significant interest in stringed instruments. Together we made a stringed instrument using a plastic tray and rubber bands. They love to strum the rubber bands to make music. I brought a ukelele to school to let the children experience a real stringed instrument.  It is fun and interesting to watch them try their hand at it. I think we may have some future musicians in our class.

 Cars, trucks and trains continue to be a main interest of the children. We have a number of books the children enjoy having read to them. Machines at Work, Freight Train, Dump Truck, and The Little Blue Truck Leads The Way, have been some of their favorites.

Mardi Gras beads are a prop the children enjoy either wearing or loading into a dump truck.
Dressing up continues to interest the children, they can be a cowboy, a firefighter or a princess. They love looking in the mirror and seeing how they look.

The children have had fun working at the carpenter bench, practicing hammering and sawing while learning the names of tools. We also have a tool puzzle the children put together. They exercise those small muscles as they place each shape in its spot.

image (15).jpeg

What fun, busy days we are having! The children are talking so much more and it's wonderful to watch them interact and play cooperatively. We had some early blooming plants in class today, Witch Hazel and Winter Honeysuckle. The children were very curious as they touched and smelled the flowers. As Spring arrives we will continue to have more blooming plants to explore.

We are excited about warmer weather and sunny days, and look forward to our mornings together.

Leslie and Christine