Dear SSP Family, 

Our spring break Pack-a-Snack sign up genius looks great! We only have a few spots left. Thank you so much for signing up to contribute to our bags.

 All of the children who attend the Peter Paul Development Center receive free or reduced meals at school and in many cases this is their only guaranteed source of food for the day. So just like at Christmas break, during spring break many children may not have a reliable source of food for the entire week (PPDC is closed during spring break too). These children need our help! 

All of the contributed items, from the sign up genius,  will be combined to fill 60 bags for the children at Peter Paul Development Center to have food for spring break. I am hoping that by itemizing the bags, this will lessen the burden on our families of having to fill their own individual bags. This system also allows our SSP children to assist in the outreach project because the 5 day kids will actually be helping to fill the bags on Monday the 30th. It will be set up as an assembly line of all your wonderful and much needed food contributions! 

All of the spots on the sign up genius must be filled in order to have 60 complete bags. If you have not signed up to bring an item or if you feel like you can bring more than one item please sign up on the sign up genius and send in your food.  Please make a note that each sign up slot is requesting more than one item (1 oatmeal sign up ='s 4, 2lb. containers of oatmeal, etc) Thank you for signing up and please remember to send in your items by Friday the 27th. - your children can bring in the food, you can hand it to a teacher during drop off or pick up!

If you have any questions please let me know. 

Whitney Thouron