Spring has Sprung in the TMO M/T Classroom!

Spring has sprung in the TMO classroom! The children are enjoying spring flowers in the classroom. Be sure to ask them about the daffodils and forsythia. The children created their own interpretation of forsythia by gluing stems and flowers made of crinkled tissue paper. These are on display outside the classroom.

They also decorated kites with tissue pieces and feathers. Using fine motor skills to place the pieces on the kite as well as threading the curling ribbon to make the kite tail. Their kites are flying from the classroom ceiling!

The children had fun in movement, using noodles to bat at balls. 

photo (5).JPG

In music this week, Paula brought in percussion instruments to share with the children. They were able to use a rain stick, and various maracas from other countries. They enjoyed hearing the different sounds the instruments make.

The school had a fire drill last week. We explained to the children that when we hear the smoke alarm beep, we must go outside until Marion tells us it's safe to go back inside. Your child may try to tell you about it, or about the beeping sound. We try to explain it at their age level and reassure them that we are safe. 

We have been having a great time outside on the playground - exercising our imaginations in the sandbox, and our bodies pulling friends in the wagon and using the new basketball hoop!

We had an Easter egg hunt in the classroom. The children had fun finding the eggs and then hiding them again. We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter, and we will meet again on April 13th.

Leslie and Christine