TMO Th/F is Hoppin' Along

Although it seemed like "forever" since we had been together, the Thursday/Friday TMO's were back into the swing of things.  We have tried to have a few more "wintery" themes in the classroom before Spring was upon us.

 We're finally able to go outside and enjoy the playground!  The sandbox is a popular spot - especially if the sand is wet!

Making cakes and decorating them for our friends.

 The pink ballet skirt is THE dress up favorite!

 After reading HOP TO THE TOP, a story about a penguin who likes to hop to the top of the icebergs, we reenacted the story with our own Arctic Circle.  Some braved the Circle without mittens!

In honor of the March winds we made wind socks and hung them over the classroom door.  The children enjoyed watching the fan bring their wind socks to life.  We read THE WIND BLEW by Pat Hutchins during Circle Time.

Some of the children made kite collages while others tried to move cotton balls by blowing through straws.

The children are learning many new Yoga poses during Movement.  The Butterfly pose is one we can do.

Now that Spring is officially here we will hopefully be outside a lot more.  Soon our very own caterpillars will arrive and we watch them become "the very hungry caterpillars" who turn into butterflies.  Have a Happy Easter!

Nancy and Christine