A Message to our SSP Family and Friends

To Our SSP Family and Friends,

The preschool is blessed with exceptional teachers!  I am always impressed with their superb educational credentials, but it is their warmth, their dedication, their loyalty, their teamwork, their planning and their innovation that creates the environment that exists for our children.  Each teacher here is a friend, a team mate and trusted colleague. Because of that it is always difficult when a teacher leaves.

This will be Mary Lee’s last year here as a full time teacher.  Mary has been an assistant in the five day program for twelve years in both the Blue and Yellow rooms.  The doors don’t open in the morning without Mary’s coming through them, often the first to arrive to be sure the classroom is ready for the day.  It is Mary’s embracing acceptance of each teacher and each child that we will miss.

In her note Mary writes, “I have loved all 12 years as an assistant teacher and made many wonderful friends among the staff and our SSP families. The time has come for me to slow down a bit. I look forward to spending more time with the Texas branch of my family (where her grandchild lives) and my St. Stephen’s church “family”. I would enjoy being called to substitute teach….I love to work with the children.”

And for Tia Owen, the opportunity to continue what she has done at St. Stephen’s closer to home has come.  Tia will be working in the Junior Kindergarten at Collegiate next year.  How we shall all miss her warmth with staff, parents and children, her conscientious planning to improve the cognitive space for our five day students, her marvelous sweet confections in the resource room and her true care for the “St. Stephen’s Way” in every aspect of our lives together.

Tia writes, “This is a wonderful opportunity for me….It is also a bittersweet decision.  I have loved my 4 ½ years here at St. Stephen’s in the Yellow Room.  I have had the chance to get to know you, your children and your families.  You will always have a special place in my heart.  I have also made many dear friendships with the staff and parents here at school. I will miss you all!  I may not be here at school in the fall, but I will be thinking of you all during Phase In, choice time, snack room time, Open Houses and various celebrations throughout the year as well as during all of the amazing learning that occurs in our St. Stephen’s classrooms!”

Nancy Vaughan will retire after ten years as our lead Toddler Morning Out teacher on Thursdays and Fridays.  Nancy’s husband, Chip, is retiring from his law practice and they have already begun making travel plans.  How we shall miss Nancy’s consistent warmth and humor with both the children and the staff.  Each year she seems able to encourage the transformation of the children in her class into communicative friends who love the adventures of learning and school. Nancy, too, has asked to remain on our sub list, so she will return to the preschool occasionally. 

Please join the staff in thanking these ladies for their dedication to and love for the children, parents and staff of St. Stephen’s Preschool.  To each of them we say, “Adieu” (until we meet again), for we could not bear to say, “Goodbye”.

Transitions are always tough. No one can ever take the place of these wonderful teachers, but we are constantly interviewing and are confident we will find those special someones to join our already talented group.