Our "Egg"cellent 5 Day Update

We have been having an “egg”cellent time the last couple of weeks with all of our egg activities while we were preparing for Easter. Here’s a look back at some of the fun.

We stamped our bags to collect our Easter eggs, dyed, peeled and ate the eggs, we also turned some of the eggs into yummy egg salad that was served in the snack room. We used jellybean eggs to help with small group math.

Of course, we all enjoyed our classroom’s egg hunts.(stella)(witten).

During this time we also were busy reading Easter books and focusing on Humpty Dumpty. Why did he fall off that wall anyway?  

The children had fun using their imaginations to decide for themselves why he fell and then created their own Humpty character, cut him into pieces and tried to put him back together. 

Over the next couple of weeks our focus will shift to thinking about growing.  There are radishes and carrots already growing in the Yellow room science area.  Because of the glass sided planter, the children can actually see the roots as well as the sprouts.

We will explore the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and the children will be able to reenact this story in our dramatic play area. We will be planting beans and making predictions about how long it will take to grow and how tall our bean stalks might grow. Our focus nursery rhyme will be Jack and Jill.

Baby chick eggs will be arriving soon and we will watch them and hope that all the eggs will hatch into cute peeping little chicks. This will also give us the opportunity to do more predicting. How many will hatch? What color will they be? Will there be more chickens or roosters? 

We’ll also continue to watch our garden veggies grow that we started a couple of weeks ago.  We made our own newspaper pots and planted radishes and peas. Hopefully, we will soon be able to transplant them into our outside garden and enjoy them later in the snack room. Is it possible there will be enough to share with the church food pantry?

Finally, we want to send a huge thank you to everyone who made our food drive for Peter Paul Development Center such a success. There were so many bags of food that our children helped to sort and pack. What a great lesson in sharing and helping others for our children.

                                                            Your Five Day Teachers and Assistants