TMO M/T Butterflies and Big Bird

It was great meeting with everyone for conferences. It has been a whirlwind year, and it always amazes me how much the children grow during the year physically and especially socially. They talk about their friends and know that the classroom is "their space". The conference night dinner was delicious and my family and I so enjoyed it!  Thank you so much!

This week we have talked about caterpillars and how they become butterflies. We have a jar of painted lady caterpillars in the classroom that the children have been watching as they eat and wiggle. We have read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We will watch them grow, and make their chrysalises and wait for them to become butterflies. We make quite the ceremony of releasing our butterflies. It is a wonderful experience for all of us.

We had a fire drill this week. The children were quick to understand that the beeping sound meant we needed to go outside quickly. We explain that it is a practice and we will go back inside when Marion makes sure we have all gotten outside safely.

 At circle the children had a special story time with talking Big Bird. The story was about Big Bird’s visit to a farm. The children were fascinated by the animated Big Bird and had fun listening to the story and songs.

The last few weeks we will be talking about spring and all the changes in nature - blooming plants, flowers, caterpillars and butterflies!

 It's been a wonderful year, and a blessing to share our mornings with your children. Thank you so much!


Leslie and Christine