A New Classroom for SSP

St. Stephen’s Preschool is pleased to announce the addition of a new classroom for the fall of 2015.

For the past two years demand has exceeded space in areas of the school.  After discussions with a committee of the church it was decided that the school would renovate the room next to the church nursery space, the Orange room, as it’s known by the preschool families, as an additional preschool classroom.  The school is grateful to the church for its flexibility regarding sharing space with the school.  We, in turn, look forward to sharing the newly renovated classroom in any way needed.

Renovations will begin this summer and should be completed before the beginning of school in September.  We will be removing the divider in the existing room, installing a bathroom and providing new closet space for the classroom.  It is our hope that these renovations will have no  impact on the normal functions of the school or the church.

This is an exciting time for the school and for the church.  We look forward to moving into our new space.

For those interested, there is still space in the preschool for the fall, particularly in the classes for children one to almost three.  To catch an inside glimpse into the life of the preschool check out www.ststephenspreschoolrva.com . We welcome your inquiries online or by phone, 804-288-6401.