TMO Th/F End of the Year Fun!

It's hard to believe we're down to just a few more days of school.  This Spring has been very busy for your children.  They are enjoying each other’s company with lots of group play.  The conversations during "their picnics" have been hilarious.


In Movement they are beginning to master some of the different yoga poses that Preston has introduced.

Our Easter egg hunt was a huge success and over in a flash. They must have had some practice.

It was such nice treat to have Easter Bunny cup cakes for snack.

We had our own Spirit Day parade with our orange flags decorated with stars.  Your children love to march!!  Think how many large muscles marching uses.

We have been talking about all the different signs of Spring - especially bugs, birds, and babies.  Our class visited the baby chicks in the Blue Room.  They were fascinated by one chick still in the incubator that was trying to peck his way out of the egg. 

We have finger puppets of a spider, a bumblebee, a lightening bug, a butterfly, and a mother bird with a worm in her beak and a nest of baby birds. All the children wanted to pretend to feed the baby birds.  We even sang a song about a baby robin hatching from its nest. 

The insects were very popular when we read I LOVE BUGS!   We looked at a real bumblebee and yellow jacket with the microscope (both dead). The things we read about in books can be real indeed!

While we were reading the VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR, we had our own real caterpillars in the classroom. While they were getting FAT we made egg carton caterpillars; green paint was everywhere!  It was very exciting to see the real caterpillars in their chrysalis stage (their sleeping bags) and then to see them hatch and emerge as beautiful butterflies. We were all so interested and thrilled to see them released on the playground.  Inside that very day we made our own beautiful butterflies with squeeze bottles of paint - they loved the noise of the paint squirting out!  We loved to see those finger muscles working so hard.

We teachers so enjoyed our lovely bouquets for Teacher Appreciation Week; it was fun to watch the children creating the arrangements.  Thank you! 

Our classroom has definitely become more lively.  It is filled with the childrens’ interactions. We enjoy watching their friendships develop and watching the children grow up. 

Thank you for sharing your precious children with us. 

Nancy and Christine

Words to "I'm a Little Robin" (sung to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot")

I'm a little robin, ready to hatch
Pecking at my shell with a scratch, scratch, scratch
When I'm good and ready, out I'll leap
Fluff my feathers and peep, peep, peep!