Excitement and Team Work in the 5 Day Classes


The children in the 5 Day program are full of energy, excitement, learning and team work these days. 

It is May and your children are busy and full of confidence!!!  Many have a plan of what they want to accomplish before choice time has even started; other children form plans with friends as soon as the classroom doors open, and some children walk through the rooms searching for that new activity or the familiar learning choice to do one more time!!!  We are so thankful that the weather is cooperating and we can get outside and enjoy the sunshine as well!!!

As the children move throughout the classrooms, you can hear a certain hum of conversations, songs, giggles and lots of peeps coming from our brand new friends… THE CHICKS!!!!  Yes, the chicks have arrived!!!  As of this moment there are 10 little chicks with maybe more to arrive in the next day or so.   What an amazing experience this has been for all of us!!!

The children are finding many different ways to work with one another during the day… whether  it’s writing and reading books, working with manipulatives, exploring in the sensory tub, pretending in the dramatic play area or creating an art project.  Not only do they have to play and work together, the children also have to plan and problem solve as well as communicate and listen to their friends’ words!!!  


Last week we started on a collaborative recycling project.  The children from all the five day rooms brought recycled items from home and then they worked on where to place the object to create an amazing sculpture!!!  They are all so proud of it!!!  We have not named the construction because each child has his/her own impression of what the structure could be.  One of our students asked if we could take it to the VMFA as an exhibit!!! They are SO proud of their work!!!

We are now patiently waiting for our next guests to arrive… our caterpillars have spun their chrysalides and we hope that our butterflies will emerge next week!!! 

Thank each of you for working with us throughout the year to make this year such a grand experience for everyone!  We know these last few weeks fly, but, somehow, it seems that the year has as well.


Your Five Day Teachers


May 12   Yellow Room Picnic   11:15-12:00

May 13   Blue Room Picnic       11:15-12:00

May 14   Green Room Picnic     11:15-12:00

May 21   End of Year Program   11:00 (Dismissal after the program; no carpool)

May 22   LAST DAY OF SCHOOL Regular Dismissal