New Classroom Adds to Space and Flexibility

The addition to the preschool of the new classroom has been a tremendous success! 

The new space is beautiful!  Thanks to the volunteer efforts of Jim Snowa, retired architect, who drew the plans, John Waechter, contractor extraordinaire and his subs, Austin Tucker, interior designer, and Steve Simon and his staff, we have a room that is spacious, usable and bright.  Thanks to Michael and Rebecca Pope we have wonderful new rugs in the Red and Toddler rooms.

To Mary Sulerud, who convened a small group of parishioners to determine if the school could repurpose some of the space on the lower level, and to the church for agreeing goes our eternal gratitude.

The unexpected consequences of the construction have been amazing.  The entire school has had fresh touches added this summer.  Bulletin boards have been lowered to be at the children’s height.  Rooms and hallways have been painted. Furniture and curriculum materials have been sorted, cleaned and new ones added.  With classes moving to a new classrooms, the faculty spent extra time and effort reorganizing their materials and their spaces.  They, too, deserve a hearty thank you for going above and beyond.

Through this process, we have established tighter bonds with the church nursery staff.  We are now sharing more space, materials and goals. A plus for us all.

The addition of the new classroom gives the preschool flexibility to take advantage of student demand, wherever it may be.  This year we have added an extra classroom of three year olds.  We will have to see what next year will bring and plan accordingly.

St. Stephen’s Preschool wants to continue to be among Richmond’s best preschools.  Being proactive and strategic will allow it to do just that.  We are grateful to everyone who has helped the school continue to grow.