The Purple Room is in Full Swing!

Both of the Purple Room classes are off to a great start.  We have focused on learning our daily routines beginning with general rules on the playground and all of the fun things to do there.

Your children have learned how to go down the stairs from the playground using their right hand while hearing the reminder “Right Hand Ready” and then tiptoe through the hallway to our classroom.  They know how to find their cubby, hang up their tote bag, go to circle, and then choose their “work” after circle time.

We have shown them how to clean up when they hear the Clean Up Song, how to properly wash their hands, and taught them the blessing used before snack.  

We say:

God is great
God is good
And we thank Him for our food

We are now transitioning into topics such as apples, autumn leaves and the change of seasons. 

Eric Carle, P.D. Eastman and Dr. Seuss have been our favorite authors.  Below you will see some of the books we have read thus far.

It is a privilege and a blessing to teach your children each day.

Sarah & Amy