TMO Mon/Tues Is Rolling Along!

We have completed phase-in and our first week of school. Thank you for your patience during phase-in, it has allowed the children to gradually be introduced to the TMO classroom and routine. The tears are normal and have already decreased since last week. You all have done a great job of making a quick exit after reassuring the children of your return and giving them a hug and a kiss good bye. The children are happy at school and are quickly learning the schedule of the day.

Art is always available to the children, markers, crayons and chalk and large paper. This week the children had the opportunity to paint at the easel. This is a choice for the children, available to all. If a child didn't paint this week they will have an opportunity again. The children enjoyed painting at the easel, it lets them use large muscles as they paint.

This week we had our special programs, Music, Movement, and the Little Shepherds.

In our music class with Dawn Childs the children listened to songs, finger plays, a story and the chance to play musical instruments. The children are learning about circle time and sitting together as a group. It's a new experience for most, so often some children observe from outside the circle as others sit. At this age we allow the children to make the choice to sit or observe, but we encourage their participation.


In our Movement class with Preston Blackburn, the class walks down the hall to the indoor playroom. In movement class Preston played the "itsy bitsy spider"as the children stretched to the sky and touched their toes. She also set up plastic cones for them to knock down, and gave them soft balls to toss and play with. Movement class allows the children to use large muscle groups. It was amazing the difference in a week in the children's ability to transition to the movement room and participate in the activities.

We have been lucky to be able to go outside this week. The children enjoy their outdoor time, sliding, playing in the sandbox and large blocks. They expend a lot of energy running and playing outside, large muscles get a good workout.

We had our Good Shepherd class with Martha Lynn Corner, she read a book about God's love for us, and sang "Jesus loves me" and let the children play jingle bell shakers in rhythm with the song. She also showed the children the things God made on a felt board, such as the world, trees, flowers and animals. The children enjoyed her visit very much.

It's been a fun, busy time for the children. They are adjusting so well!  We look forward to more fun and learning.


Leslie and Christine