It's Been "BEAR-Y" Cold in the 5 Day!

It’s “BEAR-Y” cold outside! Finally some winter temperatures! That means it’s time to pack a pair of gloves or mittens and a hat in your child’s tote bag everyday (please label)!

On the playground, we have been exploring ice and building sculptures with the ice pieces.

Since it’s “BEAR-Y” cold out we have read several bear stories and are talking about what animals do in the winter.  One of the children’s favorite books is Bear Snores On.  We have also been focusing on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We have been comparing and contrasting the Jan Brett version to the James Marshall version. 

This week we will compare the traditional story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears to non-traditional versions like Jan Brett’s The Three Snow Bears.

In the classrooms, there are many bear and winter themed activities to choose from.  In the Blue Room, oatmeal, bowls, and measuring cups have been added to the sensory table for exploration.  This week, we will even make and eat oatmeal like the Three Bears. 

Also in the Blue Room, Goldilocks and the Three Bears' hats and bowls have been added to the housekeeping area - the children have enjoyed acting out the story and creating their own version.

In the Yellow Room, the children can weigh and sort the bears.

They can also make “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” story stones and retelling bag to use for telling the story in their own words.  The child glues each character to a stone and then glues the important pieces from the setting of the story – the bowls, chairs and beds to the bag.   If your child brings one home please ask them to use it to tell you the story.  Also – don’t forget to praise their hard work in completing lots of cutting and following the many steps it takes to create this work!

In the Green Room, the children can choose to make a bear puppet.

They can also make Bead Ice Sculptures.  Beading and poking the pipe cleaners into the Styrofoam helps strengthen the pincer grip and eye hand coordination. Since the children are engaged by the process they are motivated to stay with the task.

Looking ahead, we will continue to talk about animals in the winter and celebrate Hibernation Day on Wednesday, January 20th. Children are invited to wear their pajamas on that day.  Next week we switch our focus from “The Three Bears” to “The Mitten.”


School Closed- Monday, January 18th Martin Luther King Day

Hibernation/PJ Day-Wednesday, January 20th

School Closed-Friday, February 5th –Professional Development Day for teachers-RAD conference


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