One of our goals this year at St. Stephen's has been to  refresh and update our library.  We started the year with an organization effort by our wonderful Little Shepherds  and 5 Day teacher, and librarian, Martha-Lynn Corner. Our space has never looked better! After organizing, we took stock of what books we had and made sure that they were still in good condition and  relevant for our teachers and students.  With input from the teachers, Martha-Lynn  compiled a list of new books (some replacements and some new titles) that we felt we should add to our collection.   

The school has now purchased over $300 of new books for our library! The books arrived this week, and are on display on a table in the hall.  We still have many more titles we are hoping to add, and we need your help! We invite you to come choose a book to purchase in honor of your child, teacher, a birthday, school year, or any other milestone you may want to mark with a gift to the school.  You may come downstairs to choose, or we can pick for you!  For $20 (hardcover) or $10 (paperback) you will get a nameplate in a book with a message to indicate the "Celebration" you are honoring.  Your child's class can then be the first in the school to read "your" book, and then it will become available for all  classes to enjoy.  

Reading to our children is so important - help us foster the lifelong love of books and reading by participating in "Celebration Books" this year! Contact Sara in the office with any questions!

Thank you for your support!