RED ROOM ONE - December Update

Jingle bells were ringing in December - Could you hear them? We sharpened our fine motor skills while we string bells on bracelets, pattern red and white beads to make candy canes, and added colorful beads to decorate a Christmas tree.

Santa’s beard became very fluffy as we added shaving cream to it.

We enjoyed filling  Christmas boxes with many or few puff balls for our gift giving. 

Waiting is always hard this time of year,  but we filled the time with stacking and counting cups to make tall trees,

matching cookies on a cookie sheet,

and decorating our class Christmas tree!

We counted the days until Christmas by placing a sticker on a bulb on a green tree each day. It was fun to see the tree get more and more colorful as we learned to wait for Christmas!

Our Red Room friends arranged the characters in the stable for their own nativity scene.

We discussed who followed the star to see baby Jesus as we worked a floor nativity puzzle.

Hope you heard our Baby Jesus finger play or our “5 Little Cookies Sitting on a Plate” rhyme. Ask me if you would like to learn the motions!

This is a busy time of year, and I hope you will take time to sit down and read to your child or listen to them talk about their day. These are precious moments and they go by quickly! Happy Birthday Baby Jesus, Merry Christmas to you all and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Fondly, Debbie and Mary Beth