5 Day Update Oct. 14

The 5 day children had another great week with many exciting new activities in each of the classrooms! This week we've begun exploring apples and have created fun and meaningful work following this theme.

In the Aqua room we've enjoyed making apple sundaes with homemade whipped cream. Each child sliced their own apples and scooped their chosen toppings before tasting the delicious treat. 

The sensory table allowed for children to grate bundles of cinnamon sticks creating a delightful smell.

In the Green room we've enjoyed creating our own miniature apple trees and painting with produce. Apples, celery, corn, and bell peppers are being used as stamps to create another community masterpiece. 

The science table in the Yellow room has given the children the opportunity to create and observe a mini tornado. Children used their big muscles to agitate large bottles forming a funnel effect. They had great discussions about what they saw happening inside of the bottles.

A big red barn and farm scene have been constructed in the Blue room and this week we've used our imaginations while working to exercise, groom, and feed the animals.

Fall is clearly upon us and we were excited to take advantage of the cooler temps and sunshine! We've enjoyed a lot of time outside this week and love spending each day with our St. Stephen's friends.