Purple Room Update October 17

When the weather gets chillier, please make sure you send a sweater or jacket with your child.  The St. Stephen’s playground is consistently cooler than anywhere else nearby!  Even if it seems warm at home, just tuck it in the tote bag or back pack.  Please remember to check the tub in your cubby every once in a while.  The extra clothes may be the wrong season and may be short on diapers or pull-ups.  Thanks to those of you who switched to the reclosable pull-ups!  What a difference that makes.  

Some of you have asked about Lunch Bunch.  This is available most days for children as young as the Purple Room students.  The students walk to the Red room, enjoy some time on the playground, eat lunch and play until 2 p.m.  The arrangement has just changed to include a carpool pick up.  If you’re interested, email or call Kay Tyler in the office.

We have shifted to fall themes and with the Teeny Tiny Farm coming this week we will be reading books about farms and, of course, pumpkins.   Our Teeny Tiny Farm time slot is Thursday from 11:30-11:50.  All 2 day friends and parents are welcome to join us.  Your child will love it and we will be out there, on the grass next to the church, with our other class.  On Thursday, we will dismiss at 11:30 instead of 11:45, let Jeb open the door for his Big Day, then head up to see the animals on the grass next to the church.

11/8 - Parent/Teacher Conference Day (no school for the children)

Enjoy the attached pictures of our class (scroll down for the 3 day class).  We love teaching your sweet children every week!

Sarah & Amy


Fun on the playground.

We even dress up as firefighters.

The children are enjoying painting at the easels.  We will also paint using cut apples.

Here the children are in Music with Dawn singing a song about pumpkins.


Fun on the playground, exploring a big box, dressing up as firefighters and playing in the sand.

Painting at the easels, orange play dough with spiders and pumpkin cookie cutters.

3 day.easel.boy.jpg

A sensory bin- pouring rice through funnels and watching where it comes out. Feeling the rice, listening to it land in the pitchers.

Barns and blocks.