TMO Monday/Tuesday News - October 18

The TMO class has settled into the regular schedule. Thank you for your patience during phase-in; it has allowed the children to gradually be introduced to the TMO classroom and routine. The tears are normal and have all but disappeared. 

It's now wonderful to see the children's smiles as they enter the classroom.  You all have done a great job of making a quick exit after reassuring the children of your return and giving them a hug and a kiss good bye.

Art materials are always available to the children - markers, crayons, chalk and large paper. The children also have the opportunity to paint at the easel. This is a choice,available to all. If a child doesn't choose to paint now, they will have an opportunity again throughout the year. Your children are loving easel painting. It lets them use large muscles as well as experiment with color. We have smocks at the easels and encourage the children to wear them when using paint.  Even then the paint will go everywhere, so please save their best clothes for other days outside of school.

The dot-dot markers are a favorite.  Check out the puppy shapes on display in the classroom. They children have also painted a pumpkin shape with a feather. Using a variety of ways of applying paints gives the children the chance to use different small muscles and encourages coordination.

We have begun our special programs, Music and Movement. With Dawn Childs, our music teacher, the children listen to songs, finger plays, and stories, and get the chance to play musical instruments. They  are also learning to sit in circle together as a group. Since this is a new experience for most, some will observe from outside the circle as others sit.  At this age we allow the children to make that choice to sit or observe, but we encourage their participation.

The children had the opportunity to expose their senses to fall nature items. The sense of sight and touch are used in the observation of small pumpkins and gourds. The sense of sight, touch and smell have been used in observing osmanthus plants, patchouli leaves and lemon balm.

Preston Blackburn comes to our classroom to do movement which provides activities that allow the children to use large and small muscles, to encourage the development of  their coordination and strength. Last week she brought in a large ball on which they tried to balance "like an airplane”, strengthening their core muscles. She also brought in "squigs" which are rubbery suction shapes that she places on the table for the children to pull off and drop in a basket across the room. The children have responded enthusiastically to these activities and to Preston’s energy.

The children have had the opportunity to expose their senses to fall as they observed small pumpkins and gourds. The fragrant osmanthus plants, patchouli leaves and lemon balm heighten their sense of smell. 

We all love the beautiful weather, being outdoors and sliding, swinging, playing in the sandbox and withthe large trucks. Your children expend a lot of energy running and playing outside; large muscles get a good workout.


It's been a fun, busy time for your children, and they are adjusting so well!  We are looking forward to the year ahead!

Leslie and Christine