Do you find yourself automatically repeating or interpreting what your child has said so others will understand him/her?  Are you wondering if he/she will ever master certain sounds, or if his/her speech is normal for a child that age or if they have difficulty hearing?  If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, you’re in luck.

On November 16th and 17th the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center will be offering Speech/Language and Hearing/Tympanometry screenings at St. Stephen’s for our children who are in the Purple 3 day, Red Room 4 day and 5 day classrooms (2.5 - 5 year olds).  Parents may elect to have this testing or your teachers may suggest that your child participate in the screening process.  The cost is $30 for both screenings per child or $15 for each for speech OR hearing. 

Please complete the forms when they are distributed and make your checks out to the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center.  If you are unable to pay this fee, the Scottish Rite will provide the service for free. Brochures with more information can be found on the table in the hallway or www.srclc.org.

On January 18th, we will have vision screenings as well.  We’re pleased to be able to offer these valuable services for your children.  Be on the lookout for all of this information.