Five Day Weekly Update Oct. 3

We’re moving into our second month of being in school and there’s a lot of excitement daily as the children make their choices.

In our practical life area, children are practicing and becoming quite good at buttoning and zipping. These skills offer the children just another way of being independent, not to mention the help it provides parents. Sometimes it’s easier and quicker to button or zip jackets for your child but please, when possible, give your child the time and opportunity to use their new skills. We are encouraging all of them to practice.


Our study of Mo Willems continues. Many children are taking advantage of activities in the yellow room that center around our author. They have been learning about speech and thought bubbles and making Piggie and Gerald puppets shown in his books. 

In the green room, children can become familiar with the artist, Kandinsky, and make work similar to his using geometric shapes.

We, the teachers, can assess the children’s cutting skills and knowledge of color and shape as we replicate Kandinsky.

The aqua room continues to offer many sensory experiences and is becoming a very popular room as well. The children are having a lot of fun playing with baby oil mixed into flour and soap in water.

We are excited to begin our Little Shepherds program and focusing on all things fall.            


Your Five Day Teachers


Important Dates:

Monday Oct.10th No school for Columbus Day