TMO Thursday/Friday Update

The TMO Thursday/Friday class is off to a great start.   They seem happy to be at school and are having fun choosing from the different learning centers.  The housekeeping area has quickly become a favorite place to play. 

The children also had fun exploring with the crayons and markers.  We also made handprints which we will use to create our very own self portrait.  Be sure to look for them hanging up in our classroom. 

We also painted at the easel for the first time and everyone was so patient waiting for their turn to paint.  

The children also enjoyed dropping “coins” into cans and liked shaking them to hear the loud sound.  Dumping the “coins” out was just as fun.  What a fun way for them to strengthen their small muscles.  

A favorite part of the morning is snack time!  The children are learning to sit nicely with their friends and many already know to take their plate and cup up to the sink when they are done.  It’s amazing how quickly they learn.

We end our morning with circle time.  The children already know how to sit nicely in the circle and are eager to see what book will be read.  Some of the books we have read so far are Goodnight moon and Peek a Moo.  They liked singing ‘Old Macdonald” with the hand puppets and they all waited so patiently until they could hold one of the puppets.

We are looking forward to a fun year with your little ones and if you ever have any questions or concerns please let us know.  Thank you for sharing your children with us.


Christine and Liz