5 Day Update Oct. 7

We are continuing to have so much fun learning and playing!

It’s apple season and we will begin learning all about apples next week. Please send an apple with your child on Tuesday or Wednesday. These apples will be used for some fun learning projects in our classrooms. The children will then be using these apples to make applesauce! 

As we wrap up our unit on family and friends, the children were able to stamp ‘images’ of their families in the green room. The children had a great time stamping moms, dads, brothers, sisters, dogs and cats! 

Once they had their family and friends stamped onto the paper, the children personalized the people with clothes! 

Letter stamping in the yellow room is an additional choice that the children are enjoying. It is a great way to explore all the letter shapes. 

To make music in any form is amazing in the blue room! But it is extra special when you get to make it with your feet!! 

The children enjoyed peeling, cutting, and mashing bananas in the aqua room this week. The mashed bananas were then sandwiched between graham crackers and frozen for a day. The children have been enjoying their handmade banana sandwiches. 

We will continue to have fun exploring and learning about apples, pumpkins, and farms and will conclude our explorations with a visit from the Teeny Tiny Farm on Thursday, October 20. Look out for more about this fun visit later.

The five day teachers