SSP is Grateful for these Blessings and Gifts!

Thank you to Rebecca and Michael Pope and their family for generously donating 4 rugs and pads for three of the 5 day classrooms and the Purple Room. The children now have soft and clean places to sit. Special thanks to Michael Morris, Rebecca's brother, for single-handledly delivering and installing these rugs for us.

The Women of St. Stephen's has awarded SSP funding for our Scholarship Fund supporting their (and our) belief that it is important to provide access to preschool when a family is unable to pay the entire tuition.

Recenlty, a friend and parent of SSP students, has contributed to the Scholarship Fund. Her children are now in college and it's so wonderful to have this continued support from the church, friends and local community. 

The SSP Board continues to work tirelessly for the preschool with their time, energy, talents and financial support . We appreciate this extra commitment.

Thank you to all parents and teachers who have also contributed their time, support and materials to make our school the best it can be.

We are so grateful to everyone and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!