5-Day Update: November 21, 2016

This past week, the 5-Day classes enjoyed a variety of Fall and Thanksgiving choices. 

Aqua Room
In the Aqua room we continued to prepare for our Thanksgiving feast by chopping, cooking, and smashing apples to make homemade applesauce. The children also continue to enjoy the sensory tables. Funnels and tubes are a hit in the water table and shredded paper, mini logs and leaves fill the sensory bin. 

Blue Room

In the Blue room, we have been rowing our canoes, catching “fish” and cooking them over a fire as we use our imaginations in the dramatic play area. We have also been helping to make our Thanksgiving feast by peeling carrots.    

Green Room

The children coming into the Green room can create ears of corn by tracing and cutting out an ear. They then dipped lego blocks into paint and stamped it onto their piece of corn.

Yellow Room

One Yellow Room choice for the children is to use our “pinchy fingers” (the index finger and thumb) to make pushpin letters. The children are so enthralled by push pins that they are not even aware that they are beginning to feel and recognize their letters.

yellow.feather writing.2.jpg

Using methods from long ago, the children are writing their friends’ names with turkey feathers. 

Important Dates

November 22 - Thanksgiving Service at 11 am in Fellowship Hall. No extended day or lunch bunch.
November 23 - 28  School closed for Thanksgiving
December 16 - Noon dismissal for all children
December 19 - January 2  School closed for Christmas break