I am really pleased with how Little Shepherds has been going this fall! All of the classes are engaged in the presentations and the children are making connections from week to week. They seem to enjoy the ritual of setting the prayer table at the beginning of each session and I have heard several singing our "go now in peace" song to themselves as they leave the room.

The children make so many wonderful and profound reflections. For example when the candle was snuffed out I asked, "Where is the light?" and a child patted her chest and answered, "It is in my heart." Or when a friend put the "Peace" prayer card on the table and another child remarked, "Peace is when you are happy with the toys you have." It has really been a blessing for me to have this opportunity to work with the children and to spend time sitting quietly in the atrium preparing beforehand and then reflecting afterwards.

Sarah Moyer Thacker, Little Shepherds leader and catechist

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