Purple Room Blessings - 2 & 3 Day Update

Dear Parents,
We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to enjoy some leisurely time as a family.  Leading up to Thanksgiving, we frequently sang "There Are Many Things I am Thankful For” and “Five Fat Turkeys” and talked about our blessings.  Thank you for providing the food so that your children could share a feast together just before departing for the holiday. 

One of our sensory bins was an indoor “cranberry bog” in which the children could pour, lift, sift and swish cranberries floating in water.

We continue to enjoy our time outdoors.   The weather is fluctuating, from frigid to balmy, as is typical in Richmond.  When it’s extremely cold, we will generally try to get at least a little time outdoors.  Other days, when it’s particularly wet, we choose to be inside rather than have the children spend the day sopping wet.  It’s a judgment call and we thank you for understanding our choices.

Music with “Miss Dawn" is always a hit.  Your children light up with joy when she comes to see us.  Dawn keeps it fresh and lively, using not just singing but also instruments, dancing, rhythm and stories.  


Insatiable might be the best word to describe our class when it comes to art!  Whether it’s crayons, markers, cutting, painting, finger painting, dot-dots or gluing they are always enthusiastic and ready to jump in.  

The season of Advent is here and we will be talking about waiting as we approach Christmas.  A manger has appeared in our classroom and the animals and shepherds will await the coming of Jesus.  The wise men will come bearing gifts.  In this simple, age appropriate way, we will explain the meaning of Christmas.

Thanks for entrusting us with the care and teaching of your children.  

Sarah & Amy