5 Day Update - November 4, 2016

Nursery Rhyme: Little Miss Muffet

Aqua Room
Ooey gooey slime appeared in the water table this week and the children loved it! They were able to mold it, lift it, stretch it, and wrap it around their arms. We overheard lots of conversation and vocabulary surrounding the work happening at the table - slimy, squishy, wet, mushy, runny to name a few of the ways the slime was described. And all were in agreement that it was FUN!

Blue Room

This week we took our Jack O Lantern and the pumpkin that had golf tees in it out to the playground and let the children use the hammer to smash the pumpkin. They quickly learned that it was hard work and they had to use their large muscles groups.  They also had to wait for a turn, be patient and careful since we were using real tools.

Green Room

In the green room the children have been blowing away monsters and putting their fingers on spiders! The children have been using straws to move paint into “monster” shapes. They can then choose to glue on as many eyes as they think their monster would have! 

The children have had the choice to create a spider with eight legs! They worked hard to use 2 different hole punchers to create all the holes for the legs. Two of the legs were the children's own fingers!

Yellow Room

In the Yellow Room, we put all the 5-Day children in a pumpkin. Not literally, pictures of each child labeled with his/her name are in a pumpkin. The children can pull a name out of pumpkin and then write the name on the mirror with a dry erase marker. This has been a popular choice. We love using names whenever we can since they hold strong meaning for children.