TMO Thursday/Friday - October Update

October has been a busy and fun month in the TMO Thursday/Friday class. We have been talking about farm animals, singing songs about animals and reading books about farm animals.  The children had a great time visiting with the animals when the teeny tiny farm came to visit St. Stephen’s.  

th.f boys train.6.jpg

To prepare for Halloween, the colors we focused on were black and orange.  We painted orange pumpkins on the easel, decorated bats with orange and black construction paper and had fun marble rolling pumpkins.  We also had a great time exploring in our Halloween sensory bin which was filled with black beans and orange sand as well as plastic pumpkins they could fill. They were able to examine a real pumpkin and compare the different size pumpkins.  

The children look forward to movement classs with Preston on Thursdays.  She has so many fun activities that get their large muscles working!  Some activities they have enjoyed are throwing and catching balls, pretending to be animals, and they have even learned some yoga poses. 

In November we will be talking about Thanksgiving and about all the things we are thankful for.  As always, thank you for sharing your little ones with us.

Christine and Liz